June 20, 2011


Just got inspiration from A Rocket To The Moon lyrics's 'Like We Used To'.. I just want to share or maybe ask something to you, but I'm too afraid to tell you directly. So, I just write this in my blog and I hope you read this ............

Does she watch your favorite movies?
Does she hold you when you cry?
Does she let you tell her all your favorite movie parts?
Does she sing to all your music?
Does she listen your favorite songs?
Does she ask you about your family?
Does she laugh to all your jokes?
Does she amuse you when you sad?
Does she feels sad when you're in pain?
Does she ask you where you are?
Does she ever told you to pray?
Does she ever wonder to pray with you? And you as a priest?
Does she ever ask you to play together?
Does she ever ask your friend just to know how are you?
Does she ever waiting to your replies until she fall asleep?
Does she ever wonder to take a funny picture with you?
Does she ever do stupid things just to get your attention?
Does she always be there for you no matter happens?
Does she do all these things...like I used to?

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