September 25, 2009

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Looking for someone you can chat with. Hang on.
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: hi
You: hi
Stranger: a girl?
You: yes
You: and you ?
Stranger: boy
You: how old ?
Stranger: 20
Stranger: what about you
You: 14
You: hihi
You: from ?
Stranger: china
You: wow i like your country
Stranger: really
You: yes
Stranger: where are you from
You: indonesia
You: how about indonesia for you ?
Stranger: a country which is a little hot
You: lol
Stranger: and not kind for chinese
You: why ?
Stranger: some chinese murdered there
You: realy ?
Stranger: i dont know
Stranger: some one said
You: oh
You: can you speak indonesia ?
Stranger: no
You: yah
You: you have facebook or msn ?
Stranger: for me Indonesia is beautiful
You: wow thankyou very much
Stranger: no
Stranger: we use QQ
You: QQ ?
Stranger: yes
Stranger: just like msn
You: tell me about it
You: ow
You: have twitter account ?
Stranger: what is the time in Indonesia
You: 5.04 am
You: in china ?
Stranger: 6.08
Stranger: pm
You: hem sorry i mean 5.04 pm
Stranger: hahha
Stranger: i
Stranger: think so
You: hahaha sorry my clock is dead
You: hahahah
Stranger: omg
You: sorry
You: sometimes visit indonesia /
You: ?
Stranger: yes
Stranger: not
Stranger: so far
You: hahha yes
You: my friend sometimes holiday to china
Stranger: where
You: i don't know
Stranger: may be yunnan
You: the great wall og china !
You: *of
Stranger: yes
You: maybe
Stranger: but not so great
Stranger: as you think
You: its cool hahhaa
Stranger: somewhere else is more beautiful
You: yey
You: what your religion ?
Stranger: no
You: hah ?
Stranger: what about you
You: budha ?
You: hindu ?
You: or ?
Stranger: i have no religion
You: wow
You: sorry i can't speak english very good
Stranger: do you think it is strange?
Stranger: me too
You: yes
You: i don't believe it hhhh
Stranger: almost all chinese have no religion
You: don't have God ?
Stranger: no
You: oke
You: you are student ?
Stranger: yes
You: what is your school name ?
Stranger: who is your God
Stranger: ?
You: Allah
Stranger: hzau
You: hah ?
Stranger: have you heard of it
You: who is hzau ?
Stranger: our school name
You: ooooooh,grade ?
Stranger: yes
Stranger: have supper
You: wow,
Stranger: dinner
You: what is your real name ?
Stranger: in chinese
Stranger: ?
You: yes
Stranger: ok
Stranger: i type you chinese
Stranger: 鲁员员
You: lol
You: i don't undersand
Stranger: strange if you can understand
You: yes
You: when you birth ?
Stranger: 1990 8 6
Stranger: you can understand it
Stranger: canyou?
You: in agust ?
Stranger: yes
You: 1995 11 21
Stranger: cool
You: hahaha thanks
You: you like my cousin
Stranger: really?
You: yes,of the same age
Stranger: lol
You: he is in Bandung
Stranger: a famous city
You: yes,i like Bandung so much
You: the weather is cool
Stranger: not so hot
Stranger: ?
You: sometimes
Stranger: many trees
Stranger: ?
You: yes
You: every week i go to Bandung
You: what do you think about Bali ?
Stranger: a nice island for holiday
You: yes i agree
You: do you like sport ?
Stranger: may be one day i will be there
Stranger: yes
You: when ?
Stranger: football is my faverate
You: last month me & my family in bali
Stranger: cool
You: wow i like swim
You: but i can't haha
Stranger: you a lovely girl
Stranger: have you heard of beijing
Stranger: shanghai?
You: haha thankyou
You: yes,why ?
Stranger: nothing
You: ow
Stranger: how long have you learn english?
You: hahahaha 8
You: by the way do you like japanesse food ?
Stranger: yes
Stranger: nice
You: sushi ?
Stranger: but i think our chinese food is more tasty
You: wow,what is your favorite ?
Stranger: noodle
You: hahaha noodle in indonesia is not healthy
Stranger: ?
Stranger: wow
You: contain msg
Stranger: you have some taboo
Stranger: i know
You: yeah
Stranger: some one do not eat pork
You: yes i do not eat pork
You: it's forbidden for my rekigion
You: *religion
Stranger: i know
Stranger: i know
You: yeah
You: you have sister ?
You: hey i must take bath now
Stranger: some chinese is islamite
Stranger: i shall have dinner
You: i'm busy
You: hey i'm back
Stranger: me too
Stranger: dinner finished
You: hahaha
You: wow,
Stranger: have you heard of jay
Stranger: a famous chinese singer
You: i do not,sorry
Stranger: do you like avril
You: yes
Stranger: will you speak english with your parent
You: no,
You: i prefer speak indonesia
Stranger: oh
You: yey its easy
Stranger: because you are a indonesia
You: yes hahaha
You: you have blog or twitter ?
Stranger: i have a blog
You: what's your url ?
Stranger: you can visit it
You: wow its so hard
You: with chinese language
Stranger: yes
Stranger: you can see a boy
Stranger: its me
You: but i can't read the text
Stranger: of cause
Stranger: yours
Stranger: ?
You: yes
You: try
Stranger: sorry
Stranger: fail
You: huh
You: no problem
Stranger: huh
You: hey you have sister?
Stranger: no
Stranger: only me
You: wow
Stranger: it is illegal if a family have tow or more children
You: why ?
Stranger: because our country have too much people
You: oh yeah i know
Stranger: what about you
You: i have one sister and one brother
Stranger: nice
Stranger: you can help each other
You: of course
Stranger: do you have home work
Stranger: now
You: so much
You: my teacher is crazy hahaha
You: just kidding
Stranger: crazy
Stranger: yes
You: math
Stranger: no english?
You: no
You: my english teacher very funny
Stranger: i know peter pan
Stranger: so your English is great
You: peterpan ?
Stranger: yes
You: thanks
You: haha in indonesia peterpan is name a band
Stranger: rossa
Stranger: i mean a singer
You: yes
You: you know she ?
Stranger: i have heard Ayat Ayat Cinta
You: wow, cool
Stranger: but i dont know what is mean
You: its film about islam
Stranger: anggun i have heard of
Stranger: oh i know
You: you know anggun ?
Stranger: have heard of her
Stranger: popular?
You: wow ,very popular
You: she is an aktris
Stranger: oh
You: yes
You: you know malaysia ?
Stranger: a country
You: yes
You: what do you think about malaysia ?
Stranger: so many chinese
Stranger: there
You: wow,
Stranger: a rich little island
You: haha
You: you know saman dance ?
Stranger: no
Stranger: saman
Stranger: ?
You: yes saman dance
Stranger: what is this
Stranger: ?
You: hhhh so hard
Stranger: "saman" a man?
You: no no
Stranger: brb
You: it is a dance from indonesia
Stranger: i am back
You: oke
Stranger: i am back
Stranger: i have get to the supermarket
You: wow near ?
Stranger: and have seen a beautiful girl
Stranger: yes
You: wiw
You: you know artis in indonesia ?
Stranger: little
You: who ?
Stranger: Zulfa Hendra
You: other ?
Stranger: Cipto Purnomo
Stranger: no others
You: hah ? i do not zulfa hendra and cipto purnomo
You: i mean i don't know
Stranger: lol
You: who is he ?
Stranger: Zulfa Hendra is a painter
You: cipto purnomo ?
Stranger: cipto purnomo have made a pure gold figure of the Buddha
You: but i don't know
Stranger: because you are young
You: maybe
Stranger: have you heard of maozedong
You: no
Stranger: a great leader of china
You: yeah i don't know
Stranger: just as Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono
You: oh
You: susilo bambang yudhoyono is a president
Stranger: yes
You: hahaha
Stranger: your indonesia name is so long
You: who ?
Stranger: susilo bambang yudhoyono
You: yes,he is from central java(maybe)
Stranger: java so famous all over the world
You: yes
Stranger: i 'll go to bed
You: me too
Stranger: it's my pleasure to chat with you
Stranger: bye
You: bye

hahaha rada sarap yeee,tapi asik juga orangnya,semoga bisa ketemu dah amien.

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